After the luxurious glamour of 1950′s America when everything bigger was better London broke away with a look so new it took the rest of the world time to catch up.

Mary Quant invented the mini skirt and Vidal Sasson cut the first blunt cut bob since the roaring 20′s. Suddenly our clothes were short and sharply tailored. Men’s suits pared down to the slimmest and trimmest ever. We saw the rise of the Beatles and longer hair on men and fights broke out between the Rockers of the 50′s and the new Mods of the 60′s.

Because the skirts got so short MQ invented panthose.

Pencil skirts to the knee with button down tailored shirts typified the Mod girl. Ben Sherman created the Mod man look still popular today. Slim cut, flat front pants with skinny ties.

Towards the end of the 60′s “Flower Power’ took hold on the world!


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